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Tooth Whitening

The appearance of your teeth can make a huge difference to your confidence and happiness. Some teeth are discoloured despite being healthy. Tooth whitening can improve the appearance of your tooth colour without removing the surface of the tooth and is a better option than crowning or veneering healthy teeth.


Before Whitening
Tooth Whitening
After Whitening

Professional take home kits
Professional take home whitening kits using custom made trays. This achieves an excellent result using a lower concentrate of peroxide and has the advantage that you can top up your whitening as you like.

The response to whitening varies from person to person. We generally achieve excellent results and this is our most popular cosmetic procedure. We use the latest technological gel to minimise the risk of sensitivity of teeth to the gel.

The cost of the whitening is:

  • £278.04 - Custom made Upper and lower whitening trays and 6 tubes of whitening solution
The number of tubes needed per patient depends on the severity of staining and discolouration (it may require 6 or more tubes). Your dentist will advise which kit will suit your needs best for optimum results. Additional tubes can be purchased at the surgery for £17.00 per tube.

In extreme cases, for example teeth stained by antibiotics such as tetracycline, a patient may need to use up to 30 tubes to whiten and on occasion, this will mean whitening results will not be as noticeable.

*New patients to the practice must have a consultation first.

When comparing whitening prices between practices, always check how many tubes of gel are being supplied and the strength of the solution.