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Root Canal treatment

Occasionally due to damage or severe decay in a tooth, the pulp tissue inside a tooth (which people often refer to as the 'nerve') can be attacked by bacteria. Your body cannot effectively fight bacteria in these cavities so infection often flourishes and can cause you pain. Your dentist has been specifically trained to gain access to these root canals, using tailor made equipment to remove bacteria, damaged tissue and decay. It is then replaced with a sterile filling material, creating a result that will protect the remaining tissue surrounding the root of your tooth and relieve you from pain.

We frequently refer root fillings in molar (back) teeth to an endodontic (root filling) specialist. The reason for this is that molar teeth can have complicated root curvatures and can be very difficult to access.

For complex cases we can refer you to Duncan Shadwell, a well respected Endodonist (Specialist in root canal treatment).

Root Canal treatment


root canal x-ray
X-Ray showing the root of a tooth after root canal treatment













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