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Gum Disease treatment

At Miller and Isaacs we are very proactive at screening for and treating gum disease. Periodontal disease – commonly known as gum disease – is a widespread health problem estimated to affect up to half of the adult population.

This disease destroys the healthy gum attachment to the roots of the teeth, leading to gum infection, sensitivity to temperature, pain on eating, bone loss around the teeth and halitosis (bad breath). If untreated it will lead to tooth loosening, drifting and eventually tooth loss.


At every examination your dentist will screen for gum disease and if we find signs such as red and swollen gums(gingivitis), bleeding on brushing, deep pockets( between a tooth and the gum next to it), we go on to take detailed measurements known as periodontal charting.

At this stage we recommend a treatment plan which can involve ultrasonic root cleaning, 3 monthly visits of ultrasonic scaling and intensive oral hygiene instruction (including tooth brushing and the correct use of inter-dental brushes and floss), empowering patients to improve and maintain their gum health.

We re-measure and re-evaluate gum health at appropriate intervals and assess whether patients should still be actively treated or can go on a maintenance regime. We can refer patients to a specialist periodontist if necessary.

Keeping gums healthy



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