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Keeping your gums healthy

However well you brush your teeth, you cannot remove the food and debris from between the teeth by simple brushing alone. Plaque can build up leading first to gingivitis characterised by  red swollen gums and eventually to gum disease, bone loss and ultimately tooth loss.

The most important part of Oral Hygiene is the physical removal of plaque. This is hardest between the teeth and can be done most effectively with Interdental Brushes.

We recommend using Tepe interdental  brushes to clean between the teeth. These come in various sizes which are colour coded and you should always use the largest brush size that will fit in the gap to be most effective. Additionally floss can also be used, although tepe interdental brushes are more effective at plaque removal between the teeth. Doing this once a day will help prevent or treat gum disease. Your dentist or hygienist will advise you on which to use and how to use them.

tepe interdental brushes

Tepe Interdental Brushes

Treatment of Gum Disease