Cleeve Dental

Example of the fees from July 2016
Please note all patients will be given a personal estimate in writing before a regular course of treatment is commenced.
Approximate Cost
Routine six monthly examination
New Patient Examination and Records
Emergency consultation
from £16.35
X-rays per film
Scale & polish
Amalgam Filling
from £77.62
White Filling
from £90.25
Root canal treatment
from £286.62
from £78.32
from £509.82
Custom made upper and lower whitening trays and 6 tubes of whitening solution

Partial Denture
(upper OR lower)
from £517.89 each
Full Denture
(upper OR lower)
from £534.11 each
Full upper and Lower
from £799.30
Partial upper & Partial Lower
from £799.30